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  • Has a long reach, making it perfect for picking fruit or other items from high shelves.
  • Equipped with a safety harness, ensuring your safety while using it.
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Everything You Need To Know About Cherry Picker Forklifts

In the material handling industry, cherry picker forklifts are one of the most versatile and widely used types of equipment. But what exactly is a cherry picker forklift and how do they differ from other types of forklifts?

A cherry picker forklift is a fantastic choice for businesses that need to move heavy items short distances. These forklifts are easy to operate and can navigate tight spaces, making them perfect for small businesses that need to get the most out of their equipment.

In this blog post, we’ll answer all your questions about cherry picker forklifts, including what they are, how they work, and their key features. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of cherry picker forklifts and how they can be used in your business.

1. Brief Introduction About Cherry Picker Forklift

A cherry picker forklift is a type of material handling equipment that is used to move materials from one place to another. It is also known as a cherry lift, cherry picker, or boom lift.

These forklifts are easy to operate and can navigate tight spaces with ease. A cherry picker forklift is a type of forklift that has a special mast and basket that allows the operator to lift objects up and away from the truck. This makes them perfect for reaching high places or lifting large items. It can also load and unload items from delivery trucks.

It can be either battery-powered or diesel. They can be used indoors or outdoors and in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, construction, warehousing, and retail.

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2. Different Types of Cherry Picker Forklifts Available on The Market Today

When it comes to a cherry picker lift truck, there are a few different types that you can choose from. Here is a look at the different types of cherry pickers available on the market today:

Straight Booms

Straight boom cherry pickers, also called telescopic booms, are the most popular type of cherry order picker. They have a simple design and are easy to operate. These warehouse equipment can extend up to 20 feet and have a lifting capacity of up to 2000 pounds.

Articulating Booms

Articulating cherry pickers, also called knuckle booms, have a more complex design than straight boom cherry pickers. They are more expensive and require more training to operate. However, they are better suited for use in tight spaces and can reach higher heights.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are order picker lifts that use two hinged metal plates to lift the load. They are easy to operate and can reach high heights. They are typically used for maintenance or construction work. A cherry picker machine in the warehouse is also a must-have.

Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks, also known as cherry pickers, are aerial platforms that are used to lift workers and materials to high places. They consist of a truck chassis with an extendable arm and a bucket or platform at the end of the arm.

3. Safety Features Should You Look for When Making Your Purchase Decision

When cherry pickers first came onto the scene, they were considered a major safety hazard. Fortunately, cherry picker manufacturers have made significant strides in improving the safety of their products. Here are some important safety features to look for when making your purchase decision:

Wide Base

A wide base cherry picker reach truck is going to be your best bet when it comes to stability and safety. Look for stock pickers with a lower center of gravity and wider stance for the best results.


A cherry picker without a guardrail is a recipe for disaster. Make sure the cherry picker you purchase has a guardrail to protect the operator from falling.

Load Sensing

Cherry pickers with load sensing technology can automatically adjust their lifting capacity based on the weight of the load. This is a valuable safety feature that can help prevent cherry pickers from being overloaded.

Stability Rails

Stability rails help prevent the cherry picker pallet jack from tipping over and can also be used to support the weight of the operator if necessary.

Safety Harness

A safety harness is a must-have feature for any cherry picker. It will keep the cherry picker operator securely in place in the event of a fall.

Emergency Stop Button

This button should be easily accessible to the operator at all times. In the event of an emergency, it can be used to stop the cherry picker from moving.

When it comes to cherry pickers, safety should always be a top priority. Make sure to look for a cherry picker order picker with the above safety features to ensure the safety of your client’s employees.

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4. How to Choose the Right Cherry Picker Forklift for Your Needs

When it comes to cherry pickers, there are a few things you need to take into account before making your purchase. Below, we outline everything you need to know about cherry picker forklifts so that you can make the best decision for your business needs.

Type of Industry

The first thing you need to consider is the type of industry your client is in. If they are in a construction or industrial setting, then you will need an order picker forklift that can handle rough terrain and heavy loads. On the other hand, if they are in a retail setting, then you will need a cherry picker that is more lightweight and maneuverable.

Size of Cherry Picker

The next thing you need to consider is the size of the cherry picker your clients need. This will be determined by the type of loads they will be lifting and the height of the shelves or racks in their facility.

Mast Type

The next thing to consider is the mast type. There are two main types of masts: telescopic and articulating. Telescopic masts are more common and can be extended to reach high shelves or racks. Articulating masts are more expensive but can be rotated and tilted, which makes them ideal for construction or industrial settings.


Finally, you need to consider your client’s budget. Cherry pickers can range in price from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You need to determine how much they are willing to spend on a cherry picker.

Be sure to keep the above factors in mind so that you can find the cherry picker that is right for your client’s needs. At Uforklift, we offer a wide selection of cherry pickers to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about this product.

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5. Cost of Owning and Operating a Cherry Picker Forklift

The cost of a cherry picker forklift for sale can vary depending on the model and size that you choose. However, on average, a cherry picker forklift will cost between USD 15,000 and USD 30,000. The cost of operating a cherry picker forklift is also relatively low, as they run on electricity.

If you are interested in purchasing a cherry-picker forklift, be sure to do your research to find the model that best suits your client’s needs.

6. A Manufacturer that Offers the Best Deals on These Machines

Uforklift is one of the leading manufacturers of cherry picker forklifts for several years now. The company offers a wide range of cherry picker models to choose from. They also offer different electric pallet jacks that have the cherry picker feature.

Uforklift has a team of experienced engineers that can help you find the best cherry picker forklift for your client’s needs. They also offer competitive pricing on their products, which makes them a great option for businesses on a budget.

Their products are tailored to their customer’s individual needs in terms of performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

7. 7 Tips for Safe Operation of A Cherry Picker Forklift 

When operating a cherry picker forklift, there are some important safety tips to keep in mind. Here are 7 tips for the safe operation of a cherry picker forklift:

1Make Sure the Cherry Picker is on Level Ground
2Inspect the Equipment Before Use
3Do Not Overload the Cherry Picker
4Never Use the Cherry Picker in High Winds
5Use Caution When Operating Near Power Lines
6Keep Your Hands and Feet Inside the Cherry Picker
7Follow All Manufacturer’s Instructions

#1 Make Sure the Cherry Picker is on Level Ground

This is important for stability and preventing the cherry picker from tipping over. Forklift operators should always make sure that the cherry picker is on level ground before using it. If the ground is not level, the cherry picker could tip over, which could lead to serious injuries or even death.

#2 Inspect the Equipment Before Use

It is important to inspect the cherry picker forklift before use. This includes checking the tires, brakes, and steering. If any of these components are not in good working condition, it could lead to an accident.

#3 Do Not Overload the Cherry Picker

The cherry picker has a weight limit that should not be exceeded. Overloading the warehouse picker forklift can cause it to tip over.

#4 Never Use the Cherry Picker in High Winds

High winds can cause the cherry picker to tip over. If there are high winds, operators should not use the cherry picker.

#5 Use Caution When Operating Near Power Lines

Cherry pickers should never be operated near power lines. If the cherry picker comes into contact with a power line, it could electrocute the forklift driver and anyone else in the vicinity.

#6 Keep Your Hands and Feet Inside the Cherry Picker

Operators should always keep their hands and feet inside the cherry picker especially if the operator is using a stand up cherry picker. If they are outside of the cherry picker, they could be injured if it tips over.

#7 Follow All Manufacturer’s Instructions

It is important to follow all manufacturer’s instructions when operating a cherry picker forklift. These instructions are in place for a reason and should not be ignored.

By following these tips, operators can help prevent accidents and injuries while using a cherry picker forklift. Safety is always the number one priority when operating any type of machinery.

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8. Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing a Cherry Picker Forklift for Your Business Needs

When it comes to cherry pickers, there are a few factors you need to consider before making your purchase. Below, we outline what you need to think about before investing in an order picking forklift truck.

Load Capacity

The first thing you need to consider is the load capacity. How much weight will the cherry picker need to lift? This will help determine the size and type of cherry picker your clients need.

Lift Heights

Another important factor to consider is the lift height. Cherry pickers come in a variety of sizes, so you need to make sure you get one that can reach the heights your clients need.


Of course, you’ll also need to think about your client’s budget. Cherry pickers can range in price, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it.


How often will they be using the cherry picker? If they’ll only be using it occasionally, you may not need to invest in a top-of-the-line model. However, if they’ll be using it frequently, it’s worth investing in a higher-quality cherry picker.

These are just a few of the factors you should consider when purchasing a cherry picker forklift for your business needs. By taking the time to think about your client’s needs, you can be sure to find the perfect order picker equipment for your business.

9. Common Problems that Can Occur with Cherry Picker Forklifts, and How Can They Be Avoided or Fixed Quickly and Easily

While cherry picker forklifts are versatile and durable, they can still experience some common problems. Here are some of the most common problems cherry picker forklifts experience and how to fix them quickly and easily.

Build-Up Dirt and Debris

One of the most common problems cherry picker forklifts experience is a build-up of dirt and debris on the moving parts. This can cause the cherry picker forklift to move slower or even stop working altogether. To clean the pallet picker, simply remove the dirt and debris with a soft cloth or brush.

Loss of Power

This can be caused by a variety of factors, including a dead battery, a loose connection, or a problem with the cherry picker forklift’s engine. To fix a loss of power, simply check the cherry picker forklift’s battery, tighten any loose connections, and check the cherry picker forklift’s engine for problems.

Problems With the Brakes

Brake problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including wear and tear, dirt and debris, or a problem with the cherry picker forklift’s brake system. To fix brake problems, simply check the brake pads, clean the brakes, and check the brake system for problems.

Problems With the Tires

Finally, cherry picker forklifts can also experience problems with their tires. Tire problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including wear and tear, improper inflation, or a problem with the tire treads. To fix tire problems, simply check the tires for wear and tear, inflate the tires properly, and check the tire treads for problems.

Here’s a video of how to operate a cherry picker forklift!

10. Conclusion

Ultimately, cherry picker forklifts are an excellent option for businesses that need to move materials around a warehouse or other facility. They are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.

If you think a cherry picker forklift might be right for your business, be sure to contact us today at Uforklift. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and help you find the perfect cherry picker forklift for your business.



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